Are we crazy?


That is the question I ask myself almost every day now.

The date is April 8, 2013, and I am 27 weeks pregnant with baby #2.  I am happily married to a wonderful guy named Jeff, and we already have a beautiful little girl named Isla.

That all sounds pretty normal, right?  Truthfully, I lead a pretty charmed life!

So….why am I asking myself every day if we are crazy?


Well… Jeff and I are teachers.  We are currently teaching at two different high schools here in Saskatchewan, but we haven’t always taught in Canada.  In fact, we spent the first two years of our marriage teaching and living at an International American School in a city called Sacheon in South Korea.

And we loved it, truly we did!

But, after two years, we decided it was time to come home to Canada and settle down.  We moved back, and within mere months we had new jobs, bought our first home, and were pregnant with our first baby.

And we lived happily ever after!  Or so we thought…

We always knew we wanted to international teach again one day, but we always assumed it would be down the road – like, years down the road.  After we had all our kids, and they were old enough to appreciate the cultural experience of living somewhere different – that kind of “down the road”!

However – that is not how life is shaping up!  Because here I sit – 27 weeks pregnant with my second child – preparing to move to China in a mere four months to live and teach Internationally yet again.

If you are a math person, yes, you added that all up right.  I am 27 weeks pregnant.

We are moving in four months.

Baby is due to arrive only 4 short weeks before we are set to depart.

And that, my friends, is why I ask myself almost daily…

Are we crazy?!

The verdict is still out.

Stay tuned!


6 thoughts on “Are we crazy?

  1. Lian was only two months old when we moved to South Korea and we had an amazing experience. I’m quite sure that you and Jeff will do really well wherever you go and I’m really looking forward to following you on your blog!

    1. I think of you and Lior moving to South Korea with Lian when she was so little often as encouragement that we can do it too 🙂 Any tips you have would be welcome!

  2. OH my God!! 🙂 You are going to China?!!! That’s amazing! I wish I could visit you guys in summer (hopefully). And yes, I have to follow this. You might think it annoying but let me… haha
    Have you decided which city you are going to live in?? anyway kisses xoxo

    1. Lauren, you are NEVER an annoyance! I would love for you to come and visit us!! We are going to live in the city of Qingdao, China 🙂

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