Needles, Nails and other Necessities…

Today marks exactly one month since we left Canada for our new life in China, and I am happy to report that I am slowly finding ways (and being forced in others) to embrace this new culture that we currently call “home”.

 Today, I was forced to embrace the healthcare system which, quite honestly, scared me to death.  Today Ben received his 2 month immunizations.  I’ve been dealing with a lot of anxiety about this for the past few days… make that weeks… ok, fine, months!  I’ve been thinking about this day for months!

 When we were back in Canada I did tons of research into when and where Ben would be able to receive his immunizations, and after much searching, I found a Korean Clinic that imports International Vaccines.  Thankfully, we are able to follow the exact same immunization schedule as we would in Saskatchewan – even if the clinics look a little different….


The staff at the clinic were all pleasant and professional, and truthfully – it felt a little like our second home, being in a Korean Clinic!


It turns out that no matter how much research you do, immunizations are difficult in all parts of the world… and the mommies always cry more than the babies!


After successfully surviving our first appointment for the day, it was time to embrace yet another unique aspect of Chinese culture… although I have to admit, this one is just a little easier to embrace!


Our new friend, Olivia, took us to have our nails done, Chinese style, in the tiniest salon spa I have ever been in.  (Yes – that’s the entire salon right there).


The options were were pretty OVERWHELMING for this nail biter!


And some were… well…..see for yourself…


I really tried to step out of my comfort zone in the “nail art” department and try something new, but I couldn’t bring myself to go with the giant gemstones or cartoon drawings just yet.  So I settled for ombre:


Erika was a little braver than I was with her candy colours:


All in all, this is definitely an experience I will happily re-live… once every 3-4 weeks!

We will see how brave I get!


And finally, the last stop of the day.  Anyone who knows me well understands why this part of the day is called “Necessities”….

A little piece of home!


I am officially going to be OK.

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