A Month in Review

As September draws to a close, and the leaves begin to turn shades of yellow and orange, bringing with them a crispness to the air and the urge to wear sweaters and boots, I have begun to reflect on the past 6 weeks of “Life in China”. 

 Here are the highlights:


 A comfortable place to call home.




Weekend excursions as a family.  I know if I was at home, I would be spending my weekends cleaning my house, planning for my job, or busying myself with other activities. I am loving all this time to explore with my kids!



A awesome nanny for my kiddos. We are SO lucky to have Erika here to watch our kids – but not just “watch” them – to actually care for them and love them when we can’t be there.  It helps this mama’s heart to know her babies are in such good hands all day.



Friends and all sorts of people who have helped us transition – everything from placing IKEA orders, to getting Ben’s immunization appointment scheduled.  What a blessing so many have been to us.

Oh!  And fireworks!  Lots and LOTS of fireworks! 🙂




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