Favourite Things Gift Guide

I am a really terrible Christmas shopper.  For any of you who know me, that probably seems impossible, since I do love to shop and I can’t help myself when I come across a good deal.

And it’s not that I’m not a generous person!  I actually love giving gifts, and as cheesy as it is, I would way rather give someone the perfect gift, and watch as their face lights up, than receive something I had hoped for myself.  It’s cliche, but it really is better to give than to receive!

I think that’s why I actually struggle at Christmas time.  I want to make sure I find that perfect item, and although I don’t mind when people give me hints or suggestions about what they might like, I don’t really enjoy just going out and buying exactly what’s been requested.  Maybe that’s silly – maybe I should just get over it – but I really do put thought into my gifts, and when I can’t seem to find the perfect thing, or I know I’ve just picked up something random to “get it over with”, I  never feel very good about the gift-giving experience.

So – just incase any of you have this same struggle at Christmas, I thought I would compile a list of my current “favourite things” that I think would make awesome gifts for your mom, sisters, girlfriends, best-friends, or any other special lady in your life.


Top Row (L-R)

1.) Aritzia Sweater:  I am a huge sucker for a cozy sweater, especially at Christmas.  This sweater is my absolute favourite; I wear it all the time for almost any occasion.  Unfortunately this particular swear isn’t available at Aritzia this season, but there is a nearly identical option by “The Group by Babaton” called the Plutarch Sweater, which is available at Aritzia both in-store and online.  I’ve actually gone to the store and tried it on, and it is nearly identical.  So – if you’re in the market for the perfect sweater this season, you won’t be disappointed with this option!

2.) Beauty Counter Balancing + Charcoal Facial Mask, and Cleansing Bar:  Earlier this fall, I hosted a Beauty Counter Mask party with a good friend of mine who is also a Beauty Counter consultant.  At the party, I had the opportunity to sample both the mask and the cleansing bar, and I was so impressed!  The mask is amazing, and if you or the person you’re buying for, is the type who likes to see their products in action, this mask does not disappoint!

3.) #Truthbomb Decks : earlier this year I first came across truthbombs (actually it was the same friend who introduced me to Beauty Counter!)  Truthbombs, created by Danielle Laporte, are cards full of inspirational quotes and challenging statements aimed to encourage, inspire, and pause for reflection. They make fun gifts as a whole deck, or even card-by-card, tucked into each Christmas gift.  There’s also a #Truthbomb app that can be purchased in you’re shopping for someone really tech-savvy!  What better gift to give than the gift of daily encouragement?


Middle Row:  (L-R)

1.) Hillberg & Berk Sparkle Ball Earrings :  I have a couple of pairs of sparkle balls, and they are my go-to earrings for any occasion.  They can be dressed up, or dressed down, and they have such an amazing selection!  I don’t know a single mama or friend who wouldn’t love a pair of these for Christmas.

2.) CaseApp Ipad Skin :  [sponsored] I was lucky enough to receive both an ipad skin and a custom iphone case from a new company I’ve recently been introduced to called CaseApp.  I really love how the skins have transformed my devices.  Additionally, they have a huge selection of patterns, or you can actually custom design your own, and they have skins and case covers for a range of devices.  This is definitely a fun way to customize your gift-giving!

3.) DIFF Charitable Eyewear:  [collaboration] I was first introduced to DIFF eyewear about a year and a half ago, and I was so impressed with the charitable aspect of their company mission, (which involves providing a pair of glasses to someone in a developing country every time a pair of sunglasses is purchased), that I knew I wanted a pair for myself.  In addition, the style and quality are really top-notch.  I bought several different pairs last year, and then was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to collaborate with DIFF this year and be a part of their Black Friday Instagram Promotion!  These are the Becky shades (in black and flash grey), and they are officially my new favourite pair of sunglasses.  They’re also a gift you can feel really good about giving.

Bottom Row:  (L-R)

1.) Kate Morton Books : I am a pretty avid reader, and I’m always on the lookout for a good read.  About two years ago I started reading Kate Morton’s books, and she is now one of my favourite authors.  Each of her books has an element of historical fiction and reflections on the past, as well as mind-boggling twists and plot turns throughout! If you’ve got a reader on your shopping list, I highly recommend anything by Kate Morton for a fun read!  Online audio versions of her books are also available!

2.) Cozy Faux Fur Throw :  I am an absolute sucker for a great throw blanket, and this plush blanket from Chapters Indigo is so pretty and soft,  I couldn’t resist!  Plus, these blankets often go on sale around the holidays with a minimum purchase!  I actually purchased this same throw in “pebble” last year, so this year I went for the ivory.  These are the blankets my kids always choose to snuggle under for movie night, and I love the way the look folded on the couch, or hanging on a blanket ladder!

3.) Marc Jacobs “Daisy” Perfume :  I’m not usually a huge perfume person, but this fragrance by Marc Jacobs is so light and fresh, I fell in love with it the first time I sampled it.  In fact I talked about it so much that my husband ending up buying for me LAST Christmas, and it’s STILL one of my favourite things.


So, there you have it!!  My favourite things! Oh!  And if you’re curious what I have on MY Christmas wish list this year, here’s a little sneak peek…

Gathre Mat:  I don’t have one yet, so this is definitely an item that’s on my Christmas Wish List this year!  These mats are bonded leather all-purpose mats that can be used for everything from picnics at the beach to table cloths.  Several of my friends have these and I am hoping to find one under the tree this Christmas. (Photos provided by Gathre and used with permission). 




Urban Walls: I actually already have a set of these awesome decals, by Canadian company Urban Walls, but I’ve put another set on my Christmas Wish List.  These easy-to-apply vinyl wall decals are the perfect way to accessorize any space, and won’t damage  your wall should you decide to change it up down the road.  These decals are so fun, they made my 2017 Christmas Wish List! (Photos provided by Urban Walls and used with permission.)




What’s on your Christmas Wish List this year?  I would love to hear what your favourite things are for this upcoming gift-giving season!

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