Christmas DIY Projects

I love a good DIY project.  In fact I almost always have something on the go, and some idea in the back of my mind that I’d like to see happen in my home.  A couple of months ago, I was daydreaming out loud, telling Jeff all the things I’d like to do in our house this year.  He looked at me, slightly dismayed and asked, “Will there ever be a time when we aren’t working on a project?”  My response:  “No, no there will not.”  Lol.

So – needless to say, Christmas is a great opportunity for me to get my craft on and attempt some smaller DIY projects – which don’t require the help of my husband!

This year, I tackled three small projects, which I’ve outlined below!  Happy crafting!

Advent Tree

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This was the easiest DIY project, that packed the biggest punch!  If you checked out my previous holiday home tour post, then you’ll know that I’ve been loving the minimal/Scandinavian trend for decorating this year.  I was really inspired by images of simple trees in baskets, with minimal decor.  That’s when I had the idea for the advent tree.  Each year, we celebrate advent in preparation for what we believe is the true meaning of Christmas – the birth of Christ.  We love the small reminder everyday for ourselves, and our children, that this is a time of anticipation, waiting for the greatest gift of all.  So, with that in mind, I wanted to create something special in our home to help us remember and celebrate each day.

Most of the supplies for this little tree were items I already had –

  • Christmas tree (I used the top half of a larger fake tree)
  • Basket
  • Simple strand of white lights
  • Extra decorations to fill in blank spaces
  • Something to trace a circle with (I used a tea-light candle!)

And then there were a few I picked up –

Assembly of this little tree was very easy.  I propped the top half of my Christmas tree up in a basket, supporting it with firewood, and then a blanket for added styling and support.  I also used a fun, vintage inspired set of Christmas lights, and added a few additional decorations to tie it all together.

To create the boxes for each day of the month leading up to the 25th, I used a tea-light candle to trace the bottom and top half of a circle, and then free-hand drew the numbers and leaves.  You could also purchase numeric stickers if you prefer, but I wanted to keep this project as cost-effective as possible.

Once the boxes were completed, we put two treats in each box – one for each of our kiddos.  Together, each morning, they search the tree for the correct number, and then open the box and enjoy their treat.  I have them put the boxes back on the tree afterwards, because I think they just look so cute!  I plan to use these boxes for the next few years, whether on a tree, or displayed in some other way.  This was a super easy DIY project with big impact!


Chalk Art 

Since posting my holiday home tour, I’ve had a lot of people asking me about the chalk art in my home.  I really love chalk art and it’s something I have fun creating.  I also love the fact that it can be changed up so easily!  It’s another project that has a high impact, with very little cost associated, and very few materials required!

  • Chalkboard OR chalkboard paint
  • Old picture frames (for making your own chalkboard)
  • Chalk (authentic dust chalk)
  • Liquid chalk pens
  • an old cloth, q-tips, and some water for detail work/corrections

While it’s true that I do free-hand all of my own chalk art, I am often inspired by images I find on pinterest, so if you want to tackle some chalk art in your own home, don’t be afraid to look to others for ideas, and then find a way to make it your own.

If you’re nervous about whether or not your writing is “good enough” for chalk art in your home, there are lots of great stencils and letter templates available, or you could always ask a friend to help you out!

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I love chalk art so much that we actually painted an entire wall in our kids’ room with chalk paint!  I used Rust-Oleum Specialty Chalk Board Tableau paint, which I found at Home Depot.  It took two coats to cover completely.  I love changing up the designs on the top half, and letting the kids create their own masterpieces on the bottom.  This also made decorating their room this year super easy!


(One tip – if you decide to do this, use real chalk on the walls instead of chalk-pens.  Over time, chalk-pens will actually stain the chalkboard wall, and you’ll need to actually repaint in order to cover up old designs; real chalk, while a bit more difficult to work with, won’t do this and can be easily erased.  If your goal is to have the same design for a long time, chalk-pens are a great option for more detailed work!)

I also had a lot of people asking me where I got the large chalkboard above my bed.  This was actually a DIY project for my brothers wedding years ago – it’s just an old picture frame that has been painted with chalk-board paint to create a chalkboard!  Check out your local thrift stores for old picture frames if you’re interested in creating one for yourself! I used a liquid chalk-pen to free hand the words “comfort and joy”, knowing that I can easily paint over and redo this chalkboard down the road.

Chalk art is a great way to decorate your home for any occasion – and the best part is, it’s easy to practice and perfect!


Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Baby Wreath

Last but not least, the last little DIY project I completed for this season was the mini wreath for above Molly’s crib.  Because I swiped the jingle-bell garland out of her room to use above the fireplace, I wanted to add a little something to make her room feel festive as well.

This wreath was extremely easy –

  •  1 piece of faux garland
  • 3 pieces of faux eucalyptus
  • craft wire for fastening
  • leather or suede ribbon

I had a small piece of faux garland that I was not using anywhere else, so I cut it down to size and was able to form it into a circle.  I then secured the circle using the craft wire, and wound the eucalyptus around the garland, also securing it in three spots with wire.  A small strand of suede ribbon was the perfect touch for hanging! Luckily for me, I had all of these materials in my home already, but they would be easy enough to find at your local craft store, or could be substituted for other materials you may already have!

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There you have it!  Three quick and easy DIY projects that don’t require a lot of materials – or commitment.  I would love to know what you’re working on this season!  What fun DIY’s are you talking on this year?!

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