It’s Finally Spring TIME!

This post contains sponsored product from Tense Watches Canada.

One of my favourite things about the changing seasons is preparing a new capsule wardrobe.  The last capsule wardrobe I blogged about was nearly a year ago!  I created a pregnancy capsule for the spring and summer.  I had great intentions of following that up with a post-baby fall and winter capsule wardrobe, but with everything that happened – Nora being born two months early, and then my open-heart surgery in December – my “capsule wardrobe” basically just consisted of sweat pants and rompers!

So – with the spring season finally upon us – after one of the most difficult winters of my life, I am so looking forward to everything this new season brings with it, including a new capsule collection.

However, this is not a post about my spring capsule wardrobe!  That post is still in the works; this is a post about an accessory that I am excited to be including as part of my upcoming capsule wardrobe, which will also include a list of my favourite accessories for spring and summer 2019.

As a sneak peek, I wanted to show you the stunning watches that Jeff and I received from Tense Watches Canada.   Both watches are handcrafted wooden timepieces made right here in Canada!  I have to admit, I’m always really excited to promote beautiful Canadian-made products, and Tense Watches are stunning in both design and quality.



Both Jeff and I love how modern and chic the watches are, while being perfect for any occasion – whether we are dressing up, or just with our casual everyday wear. Tense Watches are also available with both wooden and leather wristbands, both of which are comfortable and classy, so there really is something for everyone.




Plus, to celebrate the launch of their new Cambridge Chronograph watches, Tense has created 100 Limited Edition watches with custom packaging, featuring a custom watch box, coin, and watch back!  Make sure you check out Tense Watches to get your limited edition engraved watch while supplies last, and make a real statement with your accessories this spring!



For me, the accessories are every bit as important as the main outfit – and the best accessories are a worthwhile investment!  What are your go-to accessories for the spring and summer?  I would love to hear what other accessories you think I should be including in my Spring/Summer 2019 capsule collection!


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