Let’s Get Social!

I’ve always been a very social person.  In fact, spending time with people is how I re-charge as an extrovert, so the opportunities I have to connect, both on and because of Social Media, have been extremely life-giving for me! I know it isn’t for everyone, but I wanted to share a bit about something really fun that I’ve had the opportunity to try my hand at over the last few months, which has allowed me to connect with even more amazing women through Social Media.


Back in March of 2019 I hosted my first-ever Social Media Workshop!  I am certainly no expert, but as far as how I’ve managed to curate, grow, and monetize my social media platforms, I do know what has worked for me, and I have always been an open book.  I know that I never could have experienced the kind of success I have without the help of others, so after receiving numerous messages asking if I would be willing to share what I know about being an “influencer”, I finally decided to take the plunge and try my hand at hosting Social Media Workshops.

My background as a teacher and facilitator made the “lesson planning” and content creation aspect of the workshops relatively easy, and I have created some really user-friendly materials for those who attend as well (read to the end for a sneak peek/freebie to get you started!)  I like to incorporate hands-on activities and give attendees the opportunity to mingle and connect. I’ve also always been very confident speaking in front of groups, leading discussions, and answering questions on the fly.

Beyond that however, I knew that I wanted my workshops to feel unique and special.  I wanted to pay attention to all of the little details so that the attendees felt they were attending a special event and like they were getting a fun afternoon away.  As a result I like to work with local sponsors who provide us with delicious treats and coffee, as well as beautiful floral decor, so that the entire workshop is an enjoyable experience. Some of the amazing local businesses I have had the pleasure of partnering with include Anthology Home Collection, Blossoms Floral, Melcity Floral, Crave Cupcakes YXE, and Refuge Coffee to help make the workshop a really special afternoon for each attendee.

For as much as I enjoy sharing my hobby and passion for blogging and social media with those who attend my workshops, the most rewarding aspect is truly the opportunity to connect with so many amazing, talented, motivated, and like-minded women.  I know I’m the one who is meant to be imparting my knowledge with those who come to the workshops, but honestly, I always leave feeling so excited and fulfilled myself.  Women supporting women is such an empowering thing and I love that the workshops have become an opportunity to do that for one another.

So far, I offer two Social Media Workshops.  The first workshop focuses on improving your iPhone photography skills.  This class is for anyone who wants to take and edit better photos with their iPhone.  The reason it is targeted for iPhone photography is because so many women who are on the go want to be able to snap photos – particularly of their kids – quickly and in realtime, and are most often using their iPhones.  In this class we also chat about presets, editing apps, and how to arrange flat-lays.


My second Social Media Workshop focuses on how to monetize your social media platforms.  In this class we talk about personal branding, how to grow your audience, engagement, the IG algorithm, blogging, Pinterest, partnerships and collaborations, and a range of other information that will help you to take your social media platforms to the next level.

I will forever be grateful to all of the amazing SK woman who have taken a chance on me and registered for my workshops in the past, and I can’t wait to get a few more scheduled!  If you think you might be interested in attending or learning more about them, please leave me a comment below!  I would love to connect with you!

Here’s a freebie from one of my workshop material packages! 

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Photos By:  Kaylee Webster Photography (www.instagram.com/kayleewebsterphotography/)

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