Overhaul for Fall Home Tour

Of all the seasons, I really do believe that fall is my favourite.  The cozy sweaters, crunchy leaves, and of course as much pumpkin spice as I can get my hands on, are all things that I love about the season.  For me, fall feels like new beginnings, and coming home, all at the same time.

For all of these reasons, I often feel the need to change up my home decor a little bit for the fall season.  The reality is, I really like the creativity behind seasonal decorating ; I love to refresh my spaces, and there is so much inspiration out there to draw upon!  So, I was really excited to partner with some amazing fellow bloggers to bring you a “fall home tour” of all of our unique spaces, and how we have each transitioned our homes for the fall season.


When it comes to decorating my home for the fall, I do keep things pretty simple, focusing on elements that add warmth and a sense of cozy to my spaces.  In spring and summer, I am all about live greenery, fresh flowers, cooler tones, and airy decorative pieces.  In fall, I gravitate towards plush throw blankets, scented candles, warmer tones, and seasonal favourites, like pumpkins and cotton stems.

One of my favourite things to do is to “shop my home”.  This is something I have spoken about before, but I often move things around my own home, from one space to another, in order to freshen up a space and give a piece of decor a new lease on life.  It’s so fun seeing how my own things can work so perfectly in different spaces, and that also helps me stay within budget each season!

This season, I added some fun, pastel pumpkins that I found at Homesense and Pier1, which work perfectly with the cotton stems I already had.  I also found this really fun circular wall-hanging that is both trendy and a bit rustic, which adds a softness to our entrance.


If you follow me on Instagram, you will know that my fireplace mantel is one of the most difficult spaces for me to decorate, mainly because I have so much trouble committing to a look.  It is such a focal point in our living room, and I feel like it can really set the tone for the entire space.  I usually hang a seasonal wreath, but this fall, I wanted to try a piece of artwork.  It took several different shopping trips, and many sample pieces before I finally found the winning print for our space.  It’s the perfect combination of neutrals with a bit of flare, and some colour that ties into the rest of our living room seamlessly.


The biggest change to our living space this fall is most definitely our our new furniture from Dufresne Furniture & Appliance.  I was so excited when I realized that this amazing sectional would be here in time to reveal it as part of this fall blog home tour!  Our new sectional is cozy, comfortable, and perfectly fits my style and home vibe.  It’s also extremely functional for a family of six, with more than enough seating, durable upholstery, and soft edges.  We actually had this particular sectional custom built with the help of the experts at Dufresne in Saskatoon, and it was so much fun selecting everything from the number of seats, to the firmness of the cushions, to the shape of the armrests!  Honesty, this sectional checks all the boxes for us in our cozy space and we love it.


I also added a new area rug in our living room as part of my “overhaul for fall”.  I am obsessed with area rugs, and I move them around my home frequently as well.  Every time I get a new one my husband asks if that means I’ll be selling the old one – but I never do, because I love to have options, and personally I think area rugs are such an easy way to completely transform a space for any season!  The one I selected from Loloi Rugs is rich in colour and texture, and goes perfectly with the rest of the hues in our living room.


The other space in our home that I tend to focus on for seasonal changes is our dining room.  I absolutely love changing out my table-scape, and although I’m not 100% finished with this look, I’ve been playing around with cotton stems, and I always like to incorporate candles because they are so warm and inviting in any space, especially as the days get shorter, and we can enjoy the glow in the evenings.


The last space I’ve included in this “overhaul for fall” home tour is our small office space.  We have never had an office before, and although this is a very small one, we absolutely love having a dedicated space to get some work done, so I wanted to add a few special details here as well.  As a teacher, fall is also a lot about beginnings for me, and after the fun and relaxation of summer, fall is when I get back into routine and thrive on our family schedule, so this space allows us to do that with a little more ease.


While the seasonal transformations in my home are never overly dramatic (with the exception of Christmas, which is a whole different ball game), they are always done with intention and the goal of creating a comfortable and welcoming space for my family and friends to enjoy.

Fall 2019 Canadian Bloggers Home tour (1)

Thanks so much for checking out my “Overhaul for Fall Home Tour”!  Make sure you check out all of the other gorgeous homes featured as part of this tour as well, I promise, you won’t be disappointed!

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Additionally, I would love to know how you transition your home from one season to the next in the comments below!

Disclaimer:  This post featured sponsored content from Dufresne Furniture & Appliance and Loloi Rugs.

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5 thoughts on “Overhaul for Fall Home Tour

  1. Your home decor always gives me all the feels my friend. I love how you brought in those pretty soft pastels when society would tell us to scream bright orange ha ha ha!

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