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I never used to spend money on shoes or bags.  Don’t get me wrong, I have always liked clothes, and shopping, and being put-together.  I just never saw the value in investing in my accessories, and the truth is, I have no idea why.  Maybe it was because I wasn’t investing in quality accessories – I was buying cheap shoes, and cheap bags, and was then disappointed when they were uncomfortable or fell apart after only a few uses.

Now, as I have grown-up and gotten wiser with age (ha ha), I have come to realize that accessories are often the most important aspect of a well-styled outfit, and that investing in quality accessories really makes all the difference in the world.  Now, I would far sooner invest in an amazing pair of boots, or a gorgeous bag that I’ll use all season than to purchase four or five different sweaters that I might only wear a couple of times each.  Truthfully this philosophy does cross over into my clothing purchases as well, and I’ve really embraced the concept of “quality” over “quantity” in every aspect of my wardrobe.


One of my newest accessory obsessions is Canadian company, Poppy Barley, which specializes in luxurious premium leather footwear and handbags.  Co-Founded by sisters, Justine and Kendall Barber in 2012, Poppy Barley is raising the bar when it comes to locally crafted footwear and accessories. Having partnered with family-owned factories in Mexico and Brazil, every Poppy Barley item is ethically crafted and certified by BCorporation.  In addition, Poppy Barley items retail for fair prices, and they give 1% of sales back to their communities.  So, not only are they a female-run operation out of Alberta Canada, but their fair and ethical practices, combined with the highest standards for quality and design, make it so easy to feel good about my purchases on so many levels!

For my fall and winter capsule wardrobe collection, I decided to go with the Two Point Five Ankle Boot in Black Water Resistant, full-grain leather.  The matte black colour is so rich and luxurious, and the design is both comfortable and stylish.  I know these are going to be my “go-to”  boots this season, whether I’m dressing them up with a skirt or dress, or keeping in casual in a pair of jeans.  I also love that they are water resistant, which is perfect for our Saskatchewan winters.


I also decided to go with the Eyelet Oxford flats in Snake for the upcoming season.  Animal prints are so on-trend right now, and I absolutely love that this snakeskin pattern is still neutral, but with a bit of flare.  These ready-to-wear flats are a more casual choice, and I think they’ll pair perfectly with a pair of black pants, jeans, or even a midi-skirt for fall.  They are also very comfortable, and I can see myself wearing them for a day of errands, a shopping trip, or an evening out.


I was able to find all of my selections online, and I can confidently say that they are true to size.  When the (gorgeous) box arrived, and I was finally able to try on my Poppy Barley footwear for the first time, it was such a relief that they fit perfectly!  So for anyone interested in shopping online, you should be good to go with your standard size.

However, if you’re in the Saskatoon area and you want to try them on for yourself, you need to make sure you head down to Anthology Home Collection for the Poppy Barley pop-up shop on October 10-12th!  Anthology Home Collection is one of my favourite home decor shops in YXE, located in Riversdale, so this is event will be the perfect marriage of fashion and decor, all in one spot! You will be able to try on the new Fall 2019 collection in person, and also be measured for calf-fitted made to own tall boots! nfo and appointment bookings available through:

I’ll be there the morning of the 10th trying out some new styles, checking out the luxury bags, and browsing all of the stunning new seasonal decor if you’d like to join me!


Honestly, there is nothing more fun than being able to work with and promote local businesses, and Poppy Barley checks all the boxes for me! What do you look for in quality accessories?  How do you accessorize your life?

This post contains sponsored content from Poppy Barley.

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