Furniture for Life

Furniture for Life

If you’ve been following along with me on social media for awhile now then you’ll know how much I love home decor, and creating beautiful spaces to live life in.

2020 – 2021, while fraught with a lot of frustrating and unknown circumstances – also brought with it several opportunities for me to creatively design several new spaces, including my passion project Melrose Place, and also my own home, which was purchased unexpectedly in November of 2020.

One of the most important aspects of any design is obviously the furniture that will go in each space.  The furniture is both the backbone of the room itself, and also the element that most strongly sets the tone for the space.  You can go big and bold with your furniture, sleek and modern, comfortable and familiar, light and bright, the options are literally endless.  And because these pieces tend to be staples in any space, and are undoubtedly a large investment, it’s really important to consider a few things when determining what is right for each room.

I have been very fortunate to have partnered with Palliser Rooms / EQ3, located in Saskatoon, SK for both of my most recent design projects.  They offer a range of incredible brand selections, along with their signature Palliser label, and are able to custom design pieces to match any design aesthetic you may be seeking to achieve in your space, with the help of their many brand partners, such as EQ3, Van Gogh Design, Bermex Furniture, and many more incredible Canadian furniture companies.

However, I know it can still be daunting and maybe even overwhelming to make those big purchases for your space, even if you know you’re ready to go for it.  So,  keep reading for a few important things to consider when choosing furniture for each room in your home.

Room Function:

  • What will the room primarily be used for? This will dictate a lot about what you should choose, ie: how much seating?
  • Who will be using the room primarily?
  • Does the furniture need to be kid-friendly?  Will there be a tv in the room?  Do you need storage options? etc.

Room Configuration:

  • How is the room laid out?  
  • Where are the windows?
  • Where are the entrances/exits?  
  • How do people need to be able to move through the room?
  • Are there stairwells, ledges, lofts, etc. to consider?
  • Are there built-in features to work with? (ie:  fireplace, bookshelves, etc)

Room Flow/Overall Vibe:

  • What is the flow you hope to achieve in your space?
  • What is the overall “vibe” or feel you hope to achieve?  (ie: warm, inviting, formal, modern, minimalist, rustic, etc).
  • Do you already own pieces you hope to incorporate or are you starting from scratch?
  • Where do you typically draw design inspiration from?  (ie:  modern farmhouse, cottage-core, eclectic, mid-mod styles, etc)
  • What is most appealing to YOU?  Don’t get hung up on what is trendy or popular; stay true to what you love.

At the end of the day, the most important thing to consider is what feels the most like “home” to you.  What do you love?  What do you find yourself gravitating towards?  What most inspires you, design-wise?  So often, what makes these kinds of decisions so challenging, is that we worry about what we *should* like, based on what’s trendy or popular, instead of recognizing what design elements and styles we are truly the most drawn towards.

Personally, I find myself drawn to so many different styles and trends, that I often rotate themes throughout my house with the seasons;  therefore my furniture and staple piece selections are typically very neutral and versatile, allowing for the colour palette to change, without having to break the bank on new furniture every time I decide I want to try out something new.   There are so many ways to make any space reflective of you and those who will enjoy it!  

How do you go about making big design decisions in your home? 

Melrose Place YXE: It’s In the Details

Melrose Place YXE:  It’s In the Details

It’s hard to believe that after months of dreaming, planning, and working, our vision for Melrose Place YXE is finally becoming a reality!  Despite the ups and downs, and redirecting of plans and even some of our original dreams for the space –  we have created the most special location to stay in the heart of YXE, and we can’t wait to reveal it to you all, and ultimately have you as guests!

However, before that can happen, we need to add the finishing touches and we know that these stunning and unique additions from various Prairie businesses are going to make the space truly come alive for our future guests here at Melrose Place YXE.  Keep reading to meet some of the truly talented local and Canadian artisans we have partnered with!

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Melrose Place

Melrose Place

If you’ve been following along with me on Instagram for any length of time, you’ve probably seen a shift in my content over the last couple of months, and a lot of mentions of a place called “Melrose Place”. In fact, I’ve had several people reach out and ask specifically, “What IS Melrose Place?!” So, it seemed fitting to formally introduce you all to this special, special project through a blog post.

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